We are now accepting pre-orders for 2017 queens. Grafting begins for the 2017 season in March, with the first mated queens shipping in April.  Call us at (540) 577-4699.

VSH Italian Queens

Our open mated Virginia honey bee queens are Varroa Sensitive Hygienic Italians bred for gentleness, honey production, and mite resistance.  We purchase our queen mothers from reputable queen breeders and our drone mothers are the daughters of our best colonies from the previous year.  Our apiaries are in the mountains of southwestern Virginia.  This region is far north of any areas infested with Africanized honeybees. In this way, we can avoid breeding queens that carry this undesirable trait.  Because this area is colder than most queen breeding areas, our drone mothers come from more cold tolerant stock. We are a small family business.  We care about the satisfaction of our customers. The queens you receive will be of the highest quality we can produce.  

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Call us at (540) 577-4699. 

We ship our queens in the order we receive payment.  Your check holds your place in the shipping queue and we hold all checks until we ship your queens.  Now is the time to consider requeening your hives.